Inquisitive programmer spelunking through C and C++, systems programming and games development.


I’m Daniel Rollins, a software consultant and programming enthusiast based in Leeds, UK.

I am currently as Senior Consultant at Infinity Works where we help companies succeed in their digital transformation journey.

My work requires me to be a full-stack, polyglot software engineer - building and maintain large-scale systems across many technology stacks, as well as providing training for client staff.

I have a strong personal interest in systems programming languages such as C, C++ and Rust, and am very passionate about Linux and Open Source software.

When not programming or learning, I enjoy strategy gaming, tinkering with electronics and bingeing on TV box sets with my wife, Hazel.

This site

On this site you will (soon) find my CV and portfolio as well as my blog that documents the journey to satisfy my endless curiosity around the subjects of C and C++, systems programming and games development.

This site was built using Jekyll and is hosted on Github Pages. The design was heavily inspired by Karol Kuczmarski’s Blog and the Kiko-plus theme.